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Anonymous: oh my goshhhh your entire outfit in that last picture of yourself that you posted. where did you get it?!

Thanks! It’s all from Urban Outfitters, Free People or vintage.

Body suit found here

Scalloped short found here

Bed jacket is vintage but a similar one can be found here

shades found here

the jewelry has been collected and piled on over the past decade- but my La Mer watch is my staple, buy it here

Anonymous: I am such a huge fan of your blog. it's amazing. you're always so sweet to your followers, and everything you post is so interesting.
random q, you said you dyed your hair four years ago.. what colour was it before that? whats your natural colour?
and how long have you and alex been together?

Awe man, thanks! Tumblr and social networking  should be about connecting/sharing/learning from each other so I’m stoked you’re enjoying my blog.

Before my hair was it’s current ‘deep burgundy brown’ it was a very strange mixture of colors- in photo’s it came off a honey-brown color (see below). I’ve been dying my hair since I was 13 or so and it has certainly been through the ringer (it even had pink in it at one point, seriously.) My natural color is a pretty standard medium brown, but I haven’t seen it in years so who knows!

Alex has been my rock for a couple years now.

^ 18 yrs old!